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Political Philosopher Michael Hardt on the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) Movement

Michael Hardt shared some of his thoughts on the leaderless Gilets Jaunes movement, a workers’ movement which began in France in November of last year and has since spread to other countries. Hardt is a political philosopher, literary theorist, and the coauthor of Assembly, a book which discusses the rise of leaderless movements throughout the world and proposes strategies for successfully organizing them.

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Michael Hardt on Leaderless Movements and Organizing The Multitude

We spoke with political philosopher and literary theorist Michael Hardt about his latest book Assembly, wherein he and Antonio Negri argue that three paths—exodus, antagonistic reformism, and hegemonic transformation—can work hand in hand to empower the working class, and that in a time of the decentralization of leadership new forms of collective organization and decision-making are needed to achieve democracy.

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